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Renae & Paul

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Counselling and Courses

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YOGA 1-to-1 with Kris

Personal Yoga Training

Tailored programs based on Ayurvedic Body Type to help ailments. Corporate group classes, workshops, retreats.

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Transformational Tarot by


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Promoting Harmony in Society

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Free Meditation Classes

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- Websites

- Books


- Websites

- Books


- Websites

- Books


- Palmistry

- Natural Therapies

- Yoga

- Meditation Centres

- Reiki

- Holistic Centres

- Tarot

- Psychics

- Numerology

- Feng Shui

- Vedic Arts

- Other





Human Hand Kenneth Lagerstrom's very informative and helpful site, with plenty of articles, free lessons, links, and a directory of palmists from all over the world, listed by country. Considered a top palmistry site.

Hand Research Martin van Mensvoort gives reports of detailed research data and lists an index of the top 100 palmistry websites on the Net.

Palmistry International Sue Compton's site with lots of info on reading palm lines, palmistry lessons and courses, and a members' forum.

Free Hand Analysis And Psychic Center Larry Rodrigues' interesting and entertaining site with free online hand analysis.

Hand And Horoscope Manfred Magg on his system of combining palmistry and astrology. Especially notable are the planetary attributes, which are slightly different from traditional palmistry.

Astropalmistry Leslie Zemenek's site with information, facts and an educational page of case studies.

Edward D Campbell Lawyer and author Ed Campbell's site on his interests, with good descriptions of palm shapes.

International Institute Of Hand Analysis Site of IIHA, founded by renowned Richard Unger, offering intensive courses and a list of certified hand analysts.

Palmistry Primal Focus Frank's site has a helpful list of palmistry terminology and a blog.

Find Your Fate Nimmi's site of explanations on all the main areas of basic palmistry amounts to a virtual course on palm reading.

Palmistry Center Dr Ghanshyam Singh Birla's site offers a home study certificate course on Hast Jyotish or Indian Palmistry.

Dermatoglyphics Andres Washington's site concentrates on the study of the skin ridges of the fingers and palm.

Palm Reading By Elle Elle's site explains where in the palm to check for the different life areas and offers lessons by email and free readings.

Institute Of Palmistry Prof Daya Nand's site offers basic and advanced certificate courses on scientific palmistry by post or email.

Hand Analyse Paul Bles on his counselling therapy for personal and relationship issues conducted with the aid of hand analysis.

Palmtherapy Mosche Zwang developed his unique technique of stimulating palm lines and points for well-being and healing, which he explains here.

Spirit Eagle Angela Mattey's site on spirit communication, which also offers lessons on palmistry.

Mtrue's Mystery Palm Bridgett Walther features a mystery palm reading of the week and palmistry facts on her site.

Mrs Palm Reader Sara Sirolli tells of her palmistry adventures and offers free palmistry lessons, and online palm readings and courses.

Palmistry Reading Bharat Melvin Rochlin looks at spirit-based palmistry to help people understand themselves better.

Mystical Madness Morganna the Mystic has detailed info on the history of Cheiromancy in her palmistry page.

Crystalinks Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website has useful info on palmistry.

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Mystic Board - Comprehensive, active forum covering divination, metaphysics and the occult. Free readings by other members, software, and blogs for members.

Palmistry International Community - Forum for students of Palmistry International College as well as for anyone interested in palmistry.

Palmistry Primal Focus - Active forum with a large member base of novices and experts discussing palmistry issues and doing readings.

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Cheiro's Language of the Hand - Cheiro's famous book on the basics of the Cheiromancy he practised.

The Benham Book of Palmistry: A Practical Treatise on the Laws of Scientific Hand Reading - William G Benham's landmark book on his extensive and scientific studies into hand reading.

The Practice of Palmistry - Comte de Saint-Germain's highly-detailed manual, with over 1000 illustrations and written in simple language. First published in 1897, it is a treasure trove of knowledge for both novices and experts alike.

Palmistry Encyclopedia - Rhoda's highly regarded textbook covers every area and line on the palm, and is based on studying prints dating back to the 14th century. One of the most comprehensive guides on palmistry.

The Palmistry Workbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Art of Palm Reading  - Laeticia Valverde's highly-recommended book into hand analysis, clear enough for beginners as well as having enough substance for advanced students.

The Hand From A-Z: The Essentials of Palmistry - Judith Hipskind's in-depth book on all aspects of palm reading, including case studies and techniques.

Art of Hand Reading - Lori Reid's clear and concise highly-illustrated book for students who want to know more than the basics.

The Secret Code on Your Hands: An Illustrated Guide to Palmistry - Vernon Mahabal's best-selling, full-colour guide to palmistry is simple enough for children but also useful enough for experts.

Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates, & Karma - Jon St Germain's book on how to correlate your chakras and spiritual self to areas in the palm.

You And Your Hand: The Last Word On This Fascinating Study 1937 - Cheiro's last book on the subject gives further insights into palmistry.

Love in the Palm of Your Hand: How to Use Palmistry for Successful Relationships - Dr Ghanshyam Singh Birla's well-written book gives detailed insights and meanings to the palm lines so one can improve one's relationships.

Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life's Secrets (Miniature Edition) - Dennis Fairchild's book gives an informed introduction into the subject of palmistry..

Palm Reading For Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand - Richard Webster's easy-to-follow book especially suitable for palmistry students.

Chinese Medical Palmistry: Your Health in Your Hand - Written by Zong Xiao-Fan and Gary Liscum, this book explains the practical applications of Chinese palmistry. Useful for practitioners of alternative medicine.

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Astrodienst - Excellent site, with free charts, tables, reports and articles provided by eminent astrologers.

Cafe Astrology - Annie Heese and Adam Bank's site with plenty of info, reviews, lessons, free charts and reports, for beginners and advanced students.

Bob Marks Astrologer - Bob Marks' user-friendly, informative site with plenty of clear and detailed explanations and free lessons on the basics of astrology.

Astro Databank - Another great site with plenty of facts and figures from careful research done by members, and a large database of charts of famous people. One of the best sites for advanced astrologers.

Skyscript - Debra Houlding's educational site with useful info, data and articles on traditional astrology. For beginning and advanced astrologers.

Renaissance Astrology - Christopher Warnock's very beautiful site with extensive info on classical astrology and astrological talismans.

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Linda Goodman's Sun Signs - The bestseller classic of Sun sign astrology.

Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart - Here she explores the relationship compatibility between all the Sun signs.

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need, New Edition - Joanna Martine Woolfolk's updated edition for analysing any chart simply and easily.

The New Compleat Astrologer - Derek and Julia Parker's classic textbook used as the 'bible' by many astrologers around the world.

Your Astrology Guide 2009: Discover Your Future with the World's Most Accurate Astrology Team - Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer's astrological tips and advice for making all the right moves in 2009.

Larry Sang's Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui Guide 2009: The Year of the Ox - Larry Sang's Year Of The Ox guide for geomancy directions and the animal zodiac.

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Learn Tarot - Joan Bunning's well-known site with a free online 19-lesson course on Tarot reading. Her book is listed below.

2near - John Kostura's free numerology software (donation optional) can give both Chaldean and Pythagorean calculations, and quick reports.

Psychic Junkie - Zorba Ziv's site on how to develop your psychic sense.

Psychic Astrologer - Hope's psychic site for readings and weekly horoscopes.

New Age Directories - Australia-based directory of new age, holistic practitioners.

Spirit And Sky A spiritual knowledge repository, with a large, comprehensive directory of practitioners and info on spiritual, holistic and new age subjects.

Holistic Asia - Resource site on holistic activities around Asia.

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Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners - Joan Bunning's popular tutorial on how to read and interpret the Tarot.

Your Aura & Your Chakras: The Owner's Manual - Karla McLaren's wonderfully clear and concise book on taking care of your chakras and aura to heal your soul.

Auras and Colours: A Guide to Working With Subtle Energies - Paul Lambillion's book of delightful stories of his life and experiences, clear explanations, diagrams, colour plates, and exercises for self-healing and spiritual growth.

Wheels of Light: Chakras, Auras, and the Healing Energy of the Body - Rosalyn Bruyere explains in layman's language all about the natural healing energies inherent in each one of us.

You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading & Healing - Debra-Lynne Katz's comprehensive guide to developing your psychic sense, including tips on being a professional reader and healer.

Tarot Basics - Beautiful, full-colour 78-card Tarot deck with a book on the basics of Tarot reading.

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Jackie Chin  Hand analysis and character readings. By appointment.

Kelvin Khemery  Tarot, angel cards, palm readings. T: 65 98638603

Palmistry World  Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and events.

Natural Therapies

Centre for Complementary & Alternative Medicine  Holistic alternative therapies.

Integrated Medicine Clinic  Nutritional and complementary medicine by Dr Ian Lee.

Nancy Ho Consultancy  Hypnotherapist, counsellor, Silva Mind Program, courses.

Natural Therapies Centre  Naturopathic therapies and treatment, health care.

Orchard Clinic  Modern and traditional complementary medicine.

Osteopathic Treatment Centre  Musculoskeletal aches, pains, injuries, disorders.


Kris Zhu  Personal coach, classes for groups and corporations. T: 65 97422287

Om Shiva Yoga  All types and levels of yoga classes, yoga courses, workshops.

The Art Of Living Foundation  Kriya, meditation, yoga classes; free workshops.

Yoga Heart  Hatha, pre-natal and therapeutic yoga.

Meditation Centres

Odiyana Buddhist Meditation Society  Meditation classes and programmes.

Samarpan Meditation Society  Free meditation classes in and around city area.

The Art Of Living Foundation  Kriya, meditation, yoga classes; free workshops.

Shiv Yog Spiritual Healing Foundation  Meditation classes. T: 65 63881249

Soul Centre  Life mastery, meditation, manifestation classes, self-healing, Reiki.

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Alexander Obradovic  Reiki healing and courses.

Soul Centre  Reiki healing and courses, self-healing, stress management.

The Light Workers Space  Sunita is a healer, reader, counsellor, Reiki master.

Tony Png  Oracle cards, Reiki healing. T: 65 98638603

William Hauw  Reiki master, teacher, magnified healer. T: 65 97378240

Holistic Centres

Sacred Space  Reiki, meditation, healing, Rudrakshas, CDs, holistic shop.

Sanctum  Holistic therapies, life direction readings, transformational workshops.

Soul Centre  Life mastery, meditation, manifestation classes, self-healing, Reiki.

The Golden Space  Holistic and spiritual centre, services and courses


Chantel's Tarot  Intuitive Tarot readings. T: 65 91017058

Kelvin Khemery  Tarot, angel cards, palm readings. T: 65 98638603

Luna  Tarot readings. By appointment.

Renae & Paul  Tarot, numerology, Aura-Somaä therapy, crystals, Feng Shui.


Cherry Nitya Ji  Spiritual healer, clairvoyant therapist, Om healer, counsellor.

Jennifer & Daevitt Wong  Spiritual healers, clairvoyants, light counsellors.

The Light Workers Space  Sunita is a healer, reader, counsellor, Reiki master.


Renae & Paul  Tarot, numerology, Aura-Somaä therapy, crystals, Feng Shui.

Vel-Samy  Lucky numbers for names, weddings, etc. T: 65 98178576

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Feng Shui

Adelina Pang  Geomancy consultation services for commercial and residential.

Renae & Paul  Tarot, numerology, Aura-Somaä therapy, crystals, Feng Shui.

Vedic Arts

Sacred Space  Reiki, meditation, healing, Rudrakshas, CDs, holistic shop.


Francis Wong  Graphology/handwriting analysis for career guidance. T: 65 90070503

Gracious Gems  Astrological remedy gemstones; precious stones. T: 65 96382155

Herbal Sense  Organic herbal, floral and traditional teas, and essential oils.

Physique Makeover  Body transformation specialists for men and ladies.

Pure Tincture  Natural skincare and toiletries for the whole family.

Quantum Resonance System  Enhancing health through radio frequencies of life.

Theresa Lee  Healing and beauty with colourpuncture therapy. T: 65 96178728

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