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Learn the basics of palm reading, then start reading lots of hands and you will soon become an expert.

The secret to being a good palm reader is to practise, practise, practise.

That is really all there is to it. Well, you do need to have at least an interest in palmistry. You will also need to have a fairly good memory.

Once mastered, your palmistry knowledge follows you everywhere, without the need for calculations, equipment, concoctions, special rooms, or atmosphere.

Many people want to know about their palm lines in order to better understand themselves. These are good intentions, because we can then live happier, more productive lives, which will in turn improve the lives of those around us.

Palmistry is also a way to know where our weaknesses lie and to foresee what troubles may be expected due to those weaknesses, so that we can take steps to change or avoid what lies ahead.

It is also important to remember that our palm lines are not fixed and we are not doomed to a future already cast in stone. The lines do change fairly frequently, more so for some than for others. As we mature and change our ways, so do the palm lines modify themselves accordingly.

It then follows that it is possible to use our willpower to change ourselves to how we want to be, and we will see our palm lines change to reflect a better and brighter future.

For most people, about once every 1 to 2 years would be a good frequency to have their palms read. For more sensitive types, the lines would change more easily, even in as short as 3 months, and a reading done about once every 9 months to a year would be appropriate.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

Lots more info in FAQ, Case Studies and Articles.

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There are several systems of classifying hands in order to assess the overall character and personality of a person. The traditional system has 7 hand types: Elemental, Square, Spatulate, Philosophical, Artistic, Idealistic, Mixed.

The palm represents the physical body and the life force in general, and the fingers represent the mental faculties in general.

After reading different hand types for many years and studying the different hand classifications, I have devised a system of categorizing the hands in a quick and simple manner, using the modern classification of 4 hand types.

In this system based on the quadruplicities of astrology, there are 4 main palm shapes: (1) Square, (2) Oblong, (3) Triangular, (4) Fan-shaped

Square or oblong palms have the two sides of the palm, the radial (thumb) and the ulnar (little finger), parallel. Measure palm length from edges of Venus and Moon mounts to base of fingers.

Palms can also be triangular, usually a rounded triangle shape - with the base, i.e. near the wrist, broader than the top, near the fingers. Or they may be fan-shaped - narrower at the base than at the top. The number and quality of palm lines are also factors in classifying the palm shape.

There might be slight deviations from these 4 basic shapes, but a palmist should be able to see if a palm is one shape or another, rather than a mixture. This will help in giving a clearer reading.

Concentrate on the palm shapes and overall palmar lines first, and if you're uncertain, then take the fingers into consideration to aid you in deciding what the palm shape should be. After you have determined the palm shape, you can go on to compare the fingers with the palm.

The palm shapes represent our basic motivation in the way we live out our lives.

Earth Hand: Physical

A square palm with few and clear lines. Earth Hands are down-to-earth, practical and responsible, but can also be materialistic, serious and stubborn. They are comfortable with the physical and the tangible, and will do things the tried and tested way.

Air Hand: Mental

An oblong palm with many and clear lines. Air Hands are sociable, talkative and witty, but can also be shallow, spiteful and cold. They are comfortable with the mental and the intangible, and like doing things in different and radical ways.

Fire Hand: Instinctive

A triangular palm, with few and fine lines. Fire Hands are spontaneous, enthusiastic and optimistic, but can also be egoistic, impulsive and  insensitive. They are extroverts, and prefer to do things boldly and instinctively.

Water Hand: Intuitive

A fan-shaped palm, with many and fine lines. Water Hands are creative, perceptive and sympathetic, but can be moody, emotional and inhibited. They are introverts and tend to do things quietly and intuitively.

The finger length represents a person's style of approaching and dealing with life. This corresponds with the astrological triplicity of cardinal, fixed and mutable orientations. Measure finger length by the length of the longest finger, usually the middle or Saturn finger.

Finger length shorter than palm length show someone who is subjective and sees the world from his own perspective, who likes to initiate action and who is good at starting things. Short-fingered people are cardinal or dynamic in outlook, and operate in singular bursts of activity.

Fingers longer than the palm show someone who has an objective view of the world around them, and who likes to plan ahead. Long-fingered people are fixed or steady in outlook, and operate in a sustained and consistent manner.

Fingers about the same length as the palm show someone who is flexible and multi-talented, and who tends to go along with the crowd. People with same-length fingers are mutable or variable in outlook, and operate in cycles of activity and inactivity.

One may have an Earth hand with short fingers, showing a down-to-earth but dynamic character, such as a Capricornian might have. Or one may be an Air hand with same-length fingers - someone who is witty and talkative but also changeable, the way a Geminian might be.

Knowing the the correct astrological associations will help in assessing the basic character when reading the hands. The table below shows the quadruplicities and triplicities of the astrological signs.





















Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

Detailed definitions and meanings of palmistry terminology at this site.

Lots more info in FAQ.

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Left Hand What we are born with; what happens to us; our private self
Right Hand What we do with our lives; the actions we take; our public self

The left hand (or the weak hand) tells more of past events, of what we inherit in terms of health, of what happens to us rather than what actions we take, and of what goes on in our private lives and in those areas which we do not have much control over.

The right hand (or the strong hand) tells of what will happen in our future if no conscious changes are made, of how the world sees us, of whether we have the will to make any changes for the better, and also tells of ambitions we may have.


© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Life Line

Health; how we take care of it; major events in life

Head Line

Mental health; mental capabilities; intelligence; character

Heart Line

Emotional attitude; romantic profile; some aspects of health

Fate Line

Career outlook; milestones; ambitions; major events in life

Sun Line

Happiness; fulfilment; wealth prospects; romantic feelings

Deep, clear and smooth lines are best, and indicate that one's life would be positive in the area of life represented by the line. With such lines, success should be accomplished, accompanied with happiness and contentment.

Breaks, gaps, islands, crosses, spots and cross-bars indicate possible problems or events at whichever points these marks appear. Broad, fuzzy or chain-type lines indicate a negative outlook, a dissipation of energy and low morale.

The minor lines and the influence lines will modify what the main lines promise.


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Mount of Venus

Emotions; close relationships; family ties

Mount of Jupiter

Status and authority; sense of achievement

Mount of Saturn

Responsibilities and duties; sense of destiny

Mount of the Sun

Creative impulses; wealth; happiness; fulfilment

Mount of Mercury

Mental and communicative abilities; rapport with others

Mount of the Moon

Moods and mental state; sense of freedom

Mounts of Mars

Energy and assertiveness; sense of vitality

The mounts reflect our basic values, upbringing, leanings, and the personal traits we develop.

Mounts should be clear, moderately raised and well-formed, indicating that the positive and balanced qualities of the mount are being manifested. Low or flat mounts mean that there is a lack of the qualities of the mount. High or over-developed mounts show an over-expression of a mount's qualities.

Lines and marks on each mount will modify its qualities, and may relate to particular events.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

Lots more info in FAQ.

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