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Listed here are some case studies from Palmistry World's archive of palmistry readings done for clients. Names have been changed and personal details omitted to protect the privacy of the persons concerned.

Will I change my job soon?

Will I marry the man I'm seeing now?

Will I end up with the man I'm seeing now?

Having Children

Changing the Health Outlook

Lots more info in FAQ, Reading Palms and Articles.


.Will I change my job soon?

© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Case Study

This is a common question. Many people are not satisfied with their current jobs and want to change to something else, but are worried about making a mistake.

The Fate, Life and Sun lines in the strong hand are checked to see what are the future prospects for career, health and success. The main indicator is the condition of the Fate line.

A clear, straight and deep Fate line shows that the career goes smoothly and without any problems. It also means that the career position is strong, i.e. he or she is capable and competent in the job, can progress easily and will not have much problems, during whichever period represented by the strong Fate line.

Short lines cutting across the Fate line mean some sort of milestone or transition. Look to the Fate line after the cross-bar to see whether the transition is a positive or negative one. Chaining of the line tells that the person finds it difficult to cope with problems and obstacles in his work, which he feels are overwhelming.

Islands on the Fate line would mean a period of possible hardship or struggle before things become better. By making pro-active changes in the job situation, the period of difficulty can be shortened and overcome, and the outlook changed.

A fading Fate line shows confusion or indecision at that particular period. An absence or complete fading out means there is no direction in the life and the person feels there is no future, so to speak. It would be helpful to take stock of the career at this point. Once there is purpose in the life, the Fate line will strengthen and deepen.

A break in the Fate line would mean that there is a change in circumstances. If the line is deeper and straighter after the break, then the change is a good one.

Breaks also mean there is a change in the nature or line of work or a change in geographical location, rather than in simply a change of companies or bosses.

If a career change is being planned, it is advisable to make a switch during a positive period, as shown by the palm lines, rather than do it in a difficult period.

The Life and Sun lines will show the general health and general satisfaction respectively, at and around the time of the planned career change.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

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.Will I marry the man I'm seeing now?

© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Case Study

Although C. had asked for a full reading, she specifically wanted to know if there was a chance of marrying the man she was going out with. She was deeply in love and had high hopes.

Her Marriage and Relationship Lines showed that the person she was seeing then either could not or would not marry her. The line representing him also indicated that he did not have her interests at heart and could be using her for his own motives. There was also a possibility that this relationship would affect her health negatively - either in the form of illness or even as physical abuse.

She admitted that he did not treat her well, and there were some problems. Her weak-looking Water-type hand suggested that there may be insecurity and self-esteem issues at work.

She was advised that it would be better for her to try and end this relationship, or, if she could not bear to break off with him, to at least be more wary of his actions and motives so as to protect her well-being.

There were new and much better relationships coming up in the near future to look forward to, and this gave her some encouragement.

Within a few months, she had taken the initiative to break off with that boyfriend, and had found a new love.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

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.Will I end up with the man I'm seeing now?

© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Case Study

This is a similar question to above. However, in this case, the question is asked with some trepidation, as the asker senses that the man in her life may not be 'the one'.

The same lines are checked to see if there is a major relationship around the time of the reading and, if so, to see if that relationship results in a union or commitment. As well, lines showing future relationships are checked, especially the course and outcome of those relationships.

J. had been going steady for a few years with her current boyfriend but felt that the relationship had stagnated and they seemed to be growing apart. Her feelings for him was not deep. She even wondered if it was really love she felt. They were both very busy with their careers and had little time for each other.

Both their families were expecting them to get married and they had briefly discussed it. He was willing to marry her but she was reluctant to take such a big step with someone she felt she didn't love deeply. She also didn't have the courage to broach the subject of breaking up, as he had been generally nice and pleasant throughout the relationship.

Her hand showed that he was one of several relationships in early life before she actually gets married later. This raised the possibility that he will not become her husband and that they will soon break up. Moreover, the line in her hand representing the man she marries was a different line.

She was advised to pluck up the courage to somehow initiate a discussion with her boyfriend about their expectations for their future, whether together or apart, and to move forward from there.

When she finally spoke to him about the matter, she was relieved to discover that he too had been having doubts about whether they would end up together. Fortunately, he was practical enough to accept the situation and they agreed that it would be better for each to go their own way, and after some time apart, if they still wanted each other, they could get back together again.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

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.Having Children

© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Case Study

He asked if he would have any children, and if so, how many. He explained that since marriage five years before, he and his wife had been trying for children but had not succeeded. They had even consulted doctors and were told that they were healthy and there was nothing amiss. He admitted that, in fact, they were about to give up trying.

For children, the Children Lines, Affection Lines and Bracelets are checked. His hands clearly showed a strong possibility of having 3 children.

When told this, he hesitantly asked if the mother of his children would be his wife. As his wife was not present in order for her hands to be checked, this could not be fully ascertained.

However, since both his hands indicated 3 children, it was highly likely that all his children would be with his wife as long as they remained together. It was suggested to him to take a look at his wife's corresponding lines to see if she too had indications of having children.

Because a woman's over-anxiety about conceiving may instead prevent it from happening, he was also advised to reassure his wife and to tell her to calm her worries and perhaps learn some relaxation techniques.

Six months later, he came back to happily announce that his wife had gotten pregnant and was expecting their first child.

In some cases, palm lines representing children may not be our biological children and may be step-children or adopted children. In other cases, they may represent those who feel as if they are our children, such as relatives or god-children. There are also cases where the children lines represented beloved pets which were cherished just like children by their owners.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

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.Changing the Health Outlook

© Pat F. and Palmistry World. All rights reserved.

Case Study

He was in a senior management position and was also teaching business studies. His hand showed he was in the midst of a very successful career period.

However, both Life Lines also showed that a major health crisis was imminent, within the next 1 or 2 years. The most likely scenario would be a serious illness which would affect other areas, such as his career and family life. There were signs that a high level of stress was a contributing factor to the health problem.

He was advised to watch his health and take stock of his lifestyle, and to make some changes for the benefit of his health and his future.

He admitted that he was somewhat overworked and had been feeling the pressure lately. Being of a pleasant, congenial character, he could not bring himself to refuse when asked to take on extra work, and would also willingly help out colleagues who needed his assistance.

He was reminded that his Fate Line, indicating career prospects, was generally clear and strong. This meant his overall career would be progressive and successful, regardless of whether he overworked himself or not. Therefore, there was really no need to perform over and beyond what was required of him.

He said he would try to make some changes.

Just 3 months later, his hands told a different story. The large, clear islands seen earlier in both Life Lines, indicating health problems, were fading away. They seemed to be opening up and now looked more like overlapping breaks, indicating a significant lifestyle change or a physical move to a different location.

He explained that he was eating more healthy foods and had started going to the gym regularly. He also said that he had learnt to say 'no' at work, and this had reduced his stress levels considerably.

And indeed, several months later, he made a major career change which relocated him in another country.

Pat F. does palmistry readings for individuals and for events.

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